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Our head offices at Studio Legale Boscarolli are located in Bolzano, in via Orazio 33, as well as a contact in Verona, in Via G.M. Giberti n. 5 at the VeronaLex law firm. We are a professional law firm with experience in many different legal sectors, such as civil and criminal law, condominium and tenancy law, tax law, sports law and sports injury, and contracts and performance. We rely on and work alongside an expert team who are always up-to-date with current legislation. We see clients upon appointment, giving clients extrajudicial advice, with assistance in both Italian and German.

Our history...

from the beginning of the 20th century
Studio Legale Boscarolli is one of the oldest and longstanding law firms in Bolzano, with our business dating back to the beginning of last century. Our firm was actually founded at the end of the Great War by the lawyer Gaetano Boscarolli, who then worked alongside Nino Boscarolli, who was an honourable and dignified lawyer until his passing in 1992. The family law business was then continued by sons and daughter Tito, Alberto, and Chiara, who then opened their open law firm. All three children were already lawyers and worked with their father Nino, who passed on his love, passion and work ethic. The children also gained extensive experience in many different legal fields. Our firm relies on many different, highly-trained, expert lawyers: Lucia Peron, Fabio Francia and Carlo Alberto Boscarolli. All three have been lawyers for many years and have fitted perfectly into the organisation of our law firm. We also have an expert and dedicated administrative team who are there to help and support our lawyers. Recently, Stefania Boscarolli joined our firm as a consultant. She graduated and obtained the title of Attorney at Law in the states of New York and California, in the United States of America, where she is currently working as a lawyer. Following in the footsteps of the century-old family tradition of lawyers Francesca Boscarolli has also recently joined our firm. Our lawyers at Studio Legale Boscarolli are specialists working in different fields within the criminal and civil law, tax law, family and children’s law, as well as people’s rights. They have particular expertise regarding civil and insurance liability, road accidents, accidents at work, condominium and tenancy law as well as in sports and its many different consequences. Our lawyers pay careful attention and are always up-to-date on new legislation as well as on the doctrinal and legal system guidelines. They continually take part in conferences and refreshers seminars. At Studio Legale Boscarolli, we provide our clients with great care and attention which has come from our traditions and the passion we have for our profession. We are on hand to advise our clients and accompany you in non-judicial procedures as well as during every step of the trial. Our firm also relies on and works with other external professionals, in order to provide our clients with all necessary legal assistance. One of whom is Attorney Marlene Vaccaretti, who is an expert in insolvency law, company restructuring and corporate law and provides help and assistance in these matters.


The law firm receives by appointment even after office hours. To book, simply fill out the form on the right or use the telephone numbers. Thanks to a highly qualified, professional and discreet staff, you will always find maximum availability for your requests.

Studio Legale Boscarolli

Studio Legale Boscarolli also has a contact in Via G.M. GIBERTI n. 5, 37122, in Verona, at a dynamic, professional and multidisciplinary company. This means that we are able to operate throughout Italy, especially in the province of Verona, Vicenza and Modena, where there are other contact locations which are part of the VeronaLex network.

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