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Our law firm offers a full range of legal help and assistance. We take on cases regarding road accidents, accidents at work, sports liability, medical malpractice, as well as many others. In addition to these issues, we also deal with civil law, tenancy and condominium law, tax law, sports law and sports injury, contracts and performance. At Studio Legale Boscarolli law firm, we have also worked professionally on many cases regarding international child abduction.


Our law firm deals with all aspects of criminal law. We offer a wide range of help and assistance during all stages of legal proceedings, including appeals to the Supreme Court in Cassazione, as well as juvenile criminal procedures. In addition to general criminal law, we also pay particular attention to criminal matters when it comes to road accidents, accidents at work, sports liability, medical malpractice, tax offences, offences against public administration, property offences and crimes against people, and corporate criminal law. We also deal with cases pertaining to offences following road traffic violations (drunk driving, driving under the influence of drugs…).


Our partners and associates have developed specific skills and gained relevant experience concerning general civil liability but also, and more particularly, when it comes to road accidents and accidents at work, insurance tax, all aspects of sports law and sports liability as well as medical malpractice, family law and inheritance law. Once any tenancy and condominium law cases have begun, at our law firm will constantly dedicate our time to dealing with all matters and issues, which includes carrying out thorough consultancy work for the Historical Association, an association which represents the property owners (Associate of Property Owners in the Province of Bolzano – Confedilizia). Our firm also deals with civil contract cases, following closely alongside our clients when in our offices and also drafting new contracts. Therefore, it is important to have extensive experience concerning property rights as well as the law of obligations.


We have always taken great care and paid special attention to these type of cases, so much so that we can actually say that it makes up its own specialised section of our firm. This is because we ensure to have constantly updated and in-depth knowledge regarding this matter which is facilitated by Alberto Boscarolli, our lawyer who deals with the National Coordination of lawyers in Confedilizia. Therefore, Alberto is seen to be one of the most skilled and highly-appreciated professionals in the region.


Sports law has now gained independent significance within the scientific field. As this subject has taken on more importance within the Italian legal system, as a result, Italian lawyers have taken on more of an interest in the subject matter and have become more involved in this field. Sports law has been moved to an independent position within the national legal system, in order to gain some form of prestige within a specific field of law. The Boscarolli brothers started playing sports from young age, even at a competitive level, and the personal passion and drive that they have for sport in general, and especially downhill skiing, has meant that they have paid special attention to the subject. Recently, one of our lawyers, Carlo Alberto Boscarolli, received his master’s in “Sports Law and Justice” which has provided us with solid skills and dedication when it comes to sports law. This is a law that falls under common law courts (i.e. before the criminal court for sporting fraud or concerning drug taking in sport), and before the Supreme Court (i.e. for football law, the Supreme Court is for any ‘sporting’ punishments).


From the beginning, our law firm has paid close attention to insurance law, having worked with and helped all the large Italian and foreign insurance carriers both in civil and criminal cases. To this day, we are still their trustee.


We have dealt with many tax litigation cases, especially issues concerning criminal tax law, or rather disputes which represent a possible criminal offence.


Thanks to our collaboration with Studio Bonotto & Partners law firm, and more specifically with one of their lawyers, Marlene Vaccaretti, our law firm offers specialised knowledge and assistance, even within the field of corporate ‘restructuring’, commercial law in general and corporate law.


The law firm receives by appointment even after office hours. To book, simply fill out the form on the right or use the telephone numbers. Thanks to a highly qualified, professional and discreet staff, you will always find maximum availability for your requests.

Studio Legale Boscarolli

Studio Legale Boscarolli also has a contact in Via G.M. GIBERTI n. 5, 37122, in Verona, at a dynamic, professional and multidisciplinary company. This means that we are able to operate throughout Italy, especially in the province of Verona, Vicenza and Modena, where there are other contact locations which are part of the VeronaLex network.

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